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Indola is an international brand and salon exclusive, fresh and full of bright colours.It is a high quality product with over 100 shades. Creating fascinating permanent colour results whilst taking care of the hair condition. Reliable, with the highest level of colour conditioning. Indola has concentrated micropigments that penetrate into the deepest hair fibre, giving longer lasting results and a better shine.


De Lorenzo is our chosen retail range. They have an ethical approach to haircare. De Lorenzo provide the best quality natural based range that is manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. Using certified organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed and wild-harvested wherever possible. Delorenzo strongly oppose animal testing and do not use any ingredients of animal origin. Points to note:

Hotlocks by Rachael is a Hairdressing Salon on McKinnon Road, McKinnon 3204, in Melbourne's Bayside. Rachael Wilson is fully qualified hairdresser and a senior hair stylist.

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